Saturday, February 25, 2017

พอกันที (Enough Already!)

On the Album บทเพลงของมิตรสหายท่านหนึ่ง (Songs from One of Our Comrades) by Faiyen at Bandcamp 
Lyrics : เกษียร เตชะพีระ Kasian Tejapira, จอม Jom (Faiyen), พอร์ท Port (Faiyen)
Melody : พอร์ท Port (Faiyen)
Arrangement: ขุนทอง Khoontong (Faiyen)

Note: This song responds to the events of December 2013 to January 2014 in Thailand. The People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) or People's Committee for Absolute Democracy with the King as Head of State (PCAD) under Suthep Thaugsuban, was protesting in the streets to remove Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Suthep' group marched to overthrow the government and proceed with national reform through a non-elected royalist council, in order to "eradicate" the "Thaksin regime" (Yingluck is Taksin's sister). Yingluck dissolved Parliament and called for new elections, which the PDRC refused to participate in. This song is on the side saying "Enough already! Stop the ralleys that create the conditions for violence." In May 2014, General Prayut staged a coup saying he wanted to prevent violence and "return happiness to the people." The PDRC applauded the coup and disbanded.

We aren’t the great mass of people (PDRC)
We are just people who are tired
Of seeing that ordinary people died,
Sacrificed in the thirst for state power

We aren’t the great mass of people (PDRC)
We are just people who feel uncomfortable
to see the shadow of violence threatening to crash down
And so we’ve decided to walk out

* พอกันทีความรุนแรงไม่แปลงเปลี่ยน
Enough already with the violence that's never changed
We’ll light a different candle throughout the field
ตาสบตา ใจสบใจ ใต้แสงงาม
The eyes glimpse eyes, hearts glimpse hearts under the beautiful light
Joining in adherence to peace and justice

Candles shine in the dark shadows
คนหนึ่งคน ใจหนึ่งใจ ร่วมใส่แสง
The people, one person, the hearts one heart, together shining light
ให้เปลวเทียนแผดเผา ล้างเงาแห่งความรุนแรง
So that the candle flame burns washing out the shadow of violence
It will alter society towards peace

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