Sunday, January 29, 2017

ฝากรักถึงเจ้าผีเสื้อ "Entrust Love to You, Butterfly"

by สามัญชน The Commoner

Khon Kaen Univeristy Student Pai Daodin, (real name Jatupat Boompattararaksa), is the first lese majesty victim under the reign of the new Thai King. His "crime" was to "share” on Facebook an ordinary BBC news article: “Profile: Thailand’s New King Vajiralongkorn” (Pai shared the Thai version of this article). Nearly 3,000 other Thais also shared the article. For pushing "share," he has been charged with lese majesty (insulting royalty) and faces 3 to 15 years in jail. Of course the reason he was singled out for punishment is that he has been a nonviolent human rights and pro-democracy activist his whole short life. In the video, you can see him recommending "Vote No" on the junta's draft constitution. Publicly recommending "Vote No" was also illegal under the crazy junta rules (CLICK HERE FOR A SONG ABOUT THIS EPISODE), and Pai spend two weeks in jail for this during which he went on a hunger strike and got very sick. His mother and father are both nonviolent human rights activists, who have lead protests on environmental and labor issues in their region. His friends and fellow human rights, pro-democracy activists are doing everything they can to get the word out. Please support Pai Daodin, Thailand's Rosa Parks.

ฝากรักไปกับลม ช่วยไปห่ม ให้เธอคลายหนาว
I entrust my love to the wind to help wrap around you to relieve the cold
ยามเหงา แหงนมองดวงดาว ส่งยิ้มแพรวพราว
When (you're) lonely, look up to the stars that send you a sparking smile
for your pleasant dreams

อยู่ไหน แสนไกลเพียงใด คิดถึงสุดใจ
Wherever you are, however very far away, [I] miss you with all my heart
หัวใจฉันเฝ้าร่ำหา จากกันรักมิร้างลา
My heart calls for you, being apart yet with endless love.
Our eyes meet on those stars

* สักวันหนึ่งเราจะกลับมาพบกันเพื่อนรัก
One day we’ll return and meet up, my beloved friend
It probably won’t be very long, if our feet still tread upon the earth

Even living under the heavens, destiny woven by the commoners.
Before a body will turn down into the earth, a butterfly will fly to the star[s]


Here is how the song was later officially translated for the 2017 Gwangju Human Rights Award ceremony in South Korea:

Sending my love along with the wind. To warm you up from the cold
In my loneliness I lift my eyes up to the stars. Gaizing at the stars that smiles with each twinkle
Bidding you goodnight, hoping you sleep tight. Sweet dreams

Wherever I am, no matter how far, missing you so, my heart keeps yearning
Parting but not separating lovingly. Our eyes still meet on that same star

Someday we shall return dear friend
It won’t be long as long as our feet are on the ground

Beneath the sky we all might be. Our fates determined by those whose feet stand firm on the ground
Before our bodies turn to dust, butterflies soar to the skies

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