Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ปีศาจ Beesaat (Demon)

The band's name is Lannanian

Note: This song is very powerful as it points out a huge problem facilitating the continued oppression and dictatorship in Thailand: basically that many have been conditioned  to think they should bow down and submit to powerful people and nobility, especially the King. Thailand needs a Thomas Paine (one of the American Founding Fathers, who wrote "Common Sense" a popular book attacking the so called "divine right" of kings.) In fact, many exiled Thai YouTube broadcasters in the Thai pro-democracy movement are carrying out the revolutionary project of providing uncensored information and teaching the norms of democracy, from locations around the world. I was surprised to learn that many of my PeeNong (brothers and sisters) in this movement sleep all day and get up in the middle of the night to broadcast live to Thailand. This song is always used at the beginning of broadcasts by Dr. Piangdin Rakthai (of San Francisco.)

ใต้เงาปีศาจ ที่แผ่ไพศาลมาเนิ่นนาน
Under the shadow of the demon that has stretched out for so long
People have bowed on the ground under the dark shadow, from this low perspective
ดั่งต้องมนต์คาถา สวามิภักดิ์
As if under a spell of submission
bound with fetters on both their heart and soul

*มืดบอดทางปัญญา ประชาชนผู้ข้นแค้น
Blinded in the way of knowledge, the population is destitute
Receiving a fraction of their compensation because they believe in merited fate and prestige
ศักดิ์ศรีของมนุษย์ กำหนดได้ด้วยบรรดาศักดิ์
[And that] the honor of people can be determined by their title [given to nobility]
ลดตัวหมอบต่ำ ยอมรับปีศาจร้าย
Lowering oneself to crouch down and accept a devil

**ปิดหู ปิดตา ปิดกั้นปัญญาผู้คน
Closed eyes and ears obstruct the knowledge of people
เชิดตัวชูตน เหนือสิ่งอื่นใด
Lift yourself up above anything else
กฏเกณฑ์กาลเวลา เปิดหูเปิดตา
The passage of time opens eyes and ears
ผู้คนไหลบ่า สู่หนทางเสรี เท่าเทียม
People flood to the path of freedom and equality

ยกตัวขึ้นเถิด ประชาชนผู้ประเสริฐ
Pick yourselves up! The citizens are people who are precious
มีเสรีทางความคิด พินิจ จากมุมมองสูง
There is freedom in the path of thought and ideas. Examine [things] from a high perspective

แลเห็นปีศาจ ในคราบเทวดา
And see the devil in a god-like veneer
Creating an illusion
ให้ลุ่มหลงงมงาย ใต้เงาบดบังไว้
So [one] becomes enthralled by superstition, hidden away under the obscuring shadow

**เมื่อแสงสาดส่อง ประชาชนทั้งผอง
When the light breaks through, the people all of them
ผู้เป็นเจ้าของอำนาจ ลุกขึ้นท้าประกาศ
People possess the power, stand up and dare to proclaim:
ลบเงา ปีศาจร้าย
Remove the shadow of the devil!

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