Monday, May 2, 2016

Bow Your Hearts, Red Shirts กราบหัวใจคนเสื้อแดง (English)

Lyrics/Vocal by Dr. Piangdin Rakthai; Original song in Thai by Pae Bang-Sanan.

Among the proud, rott'in in the ground,
People vow to follow their daring dreams
In search of just and free nation so lovingly deemed
Yet they're killed, brutally killed yet again!

October dreams 'til May they Killed
Time reveals cruel hearts of reigning men
"Press them with the law" and "Shoot in their heads, again"
Their tax and boys, against them, my command"

More cruel crimes, can there be?
Only forced "loyaty" can Thais be safe!
Royal army, the tyrants, the fierce against the poor
Certainly sure dissent leads to tragic crimes.

We pray for you, the brave who died
You who cried, but fought until the end.
Justice will be pursued. Freedom restored again.
Your brave souls will remain in our heart

Our shared dreams will be reached before the end.
Our shared dreams will be reached before the end.

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